Britishluxe The Houdini

Britishluxe The Houdini

Britishluxe The Houdini

photo by: Mrs M Maxwell

Britishluxe The Houdini @ 2 Years

Britishluxe The Houdini @ 2 Years

photo by: Mrs M Maxwell

Britishluxe The Houdini @6months Old

Britishluxe The Houdini @6months Old

photo by: Mrs M Maxwell

Owner : Britishluxe Bulldogs
Breed : Bulldog
Birthdate : 18th November 2013
Colour : White
Health Tested

Health Tests

I Am Incredibly Delighted to Announce That Our Beautiful Fit & Healthy PROVEN , Health Tested & Huu Clear Homebred Boy Brian..... (Britishluxe The Houdini) Is Now AVAILABLE For Stud Duties To Approved KC Registered Girls.

Brian Is a Proven Stud Dog Who Has Blessed Us With Some Beautiful Babies & Sires Large Healthy Quality Litters. Please See Baby Pictures Of Beautiful Babies He Has Sired Recently.
He Is a Dominant Stud Who Throws His Own Great Quality Virtues & Genes.

Brian :~ Britishluxe The Houdini.....
Born 18.11.2013
Is Hyperuricosuria: (HUU) CLEAR

*Patella Putman Test Graded 0, 0.

*Eyes Clear With Having Had No Problems Ever With Cherry Eye Issues, No Ectropian or Entropian issues either.. Nor Has His Parents & Grandparents.

*Palette is normal & has no noisy breathing ,rattling etc. He was given breathing marked the highest as very good on health tests with the Bulldog Breed Council Health Scheme.

*Heart Clear & Normal.

*Spine Clear & Normal.

*Fully Mobile, Healthy Moveable Desired Pump Handle Tail.

*No Skin or Coat Issues.

*Large Nose With Wide Open Nostrils Not Stenotic Hence a Very Good Normal Easy Breather.

*First Class Temperament & Character.

*Clean & Tidy Neat Feet Having No Issues With Interdigital Cysts etc.

*Brian Holds The Bulldog Breed Council Health Test Scheme Of Bronze & Silver Certification.

We Really Couldn't Be More Proud & Happier of How Healthy He Is & He Is What a Fit True Example of the Breed We Love Is Certainly All About.

Brian Is An Active Show Dog Whom Also Has Had Much Success & Achievement Within The Show Rings Here in the UK at Both Open & Championship Show Level Where He Is Consistently Placed First or Within The Top Two & Has Qualified For Crufts 2015-2017 Consecutively At Each Of His First Championship Shows of Each Year.

Brian Is Bred From Mainly Famous & Respectable Brampton & Britishpride Bloodlines With Also Ocobo/MyStyle , Sealaville, Iceglint and Many More World Famous Successful Kennels.
He Has 17 Champions in His First Five Generation Pedigree.

Our Options For Stud Services Are :~

A Handling Fee Of 100 at Time of Mating,
Then When Bitch Is Confirmed In Pregnancy The Remaining Fee Of 600 Is To Be Paid.

Alternatively a Full Payment of 600 Paid Up Front With Free Matings Until A Pregnancy Is Confirmed If Your Girl Misses On First Mating.

We Are Also Happy To Announce That We Can Now Offer Boarding For Your Girl But Preferred If In Emergency Situations (Such As Being A Poor Traveller) etc. We Can Only Board 1 Girl at a Time So Please Inquire In Advance...
I Must Stress Though We Do Find Girls Are Much More Comfortable And Have a Better Chance Of Taking If Owner Is Present.
Please Inquire For More Details & Price For Boarding.

(Either Option Includes Experienced Handling of Your Girl & Our Boy to Ensure That They Are Both Comfortable and Relaxed.
We Also Will Be There With You Every Step of The Way During Pregnancy , Birth and Rearing If Needed For 24/7 Help, Advice & Support As It Can Be a Very Daunting & Nervous Time.)

We Love Our Breed & All Dogs & Will Only Do What Is Best All The Time To Ensure Health , Happiness & Future of Our Breed.

Please Don't Hesitate to Get in Touch To Discuss Brian's Stud Duties Or For Any Advice On Anything Bulldog Related!!