Oldwillow Ziggy

Owner : Fallowfen
Breed : Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 16th April 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Pippa is a faithful working companion very steady with lots of love to give and very biddable. Fantastic with children and other animals.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ft Ch Dardnell Dealer
    • F.T.Ch Bellsmill Jet
    • Ft Ch Danderw Druid
    • Larford Celt
    • Ftch Maesydderwen Scimitar
    • Ftch Priorsmeadow Dancer
    • Ft Ch Maesydderwen Scimitar
    • Wernffrwd Blodwen
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • F.T.Ch Parbreck Jefferson
    • Larford Celt
    • F.T.Ch Dollgarreg Arron
    • Bellsmill Trina
    • Ft Ch Mallowdale Rackatear
    • Ft Ch Towyvalley Stella of Danderw
    • Ft Ch Rigfoot Teal
    • Ft Ch Wernffrwd Ammyl
    • Ftch Larford Cateran
    • Ftch Wernffrwd Kathleen
    • Ftch Regulusknowe Gold of Maesydderwen
    • Norbeck Chansa
    • Ft Ch Larford Cateran
    • Ft Ch Wernffrwd Kathleen
    • Ft Ch Wernffrwd Dai Bach
    • Quarryford Fly