Dabchick Little Bear



Owner : Dabchick
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Birthdate : 15th June 2007
Health Tested

Health Tests

Dabchick Little Bear, or Mishka, is the 'man of the house'! He is a great friend and companion, loves picking up more than anything else, and is much admired by all the ladies!


  • Parents
    • Highshot Lester
    • Dabchick African Pride
  • Grand Parents
    • Longcopse Oak (FTW)
    • EastropAlder of Highshot (FTW)
    • FT CH Highshot Moonshine
    • Tilia Dabchick
  • Great Grand Parents
    • FT CH Glenbriar Solo
    • FT CH Lakedown Damsel of Craigfelin
    • FT CH Follyoakwood Boris
    • Highshot Storm (FTW)
    • Rushylands Ben of Highshot
    • Babymead Gemma of Highshot
    • Trenow Song
    • Desire of Venus
  • Great Great Grand Parents