Parrazi Point at Billingbriar

Otto is a strong fit handsome dog

Otto is a strong fit handsome dog

Otto has a good nose & is a fast hard hunter

Otto has a good nose & is a fast hard hunter

Pointing & holding a pheasant then flushing it

Pointing & holding a pheasant then flushing it

Owner : Billingbriar
Breed : Hungarian Vizsla
Birthdate : 15th March 2014
Colour : Russet Gold
Health Tested

Health Tests

Proven experienced stud dog. from Pitypang/Gunfield/Hubertus breeding lines/pedigree. Otto is a loving faithful working gundog who lives indoors as a family pet on a farm where he can run free alongside other working gundogs & horses. He is extremely gentle, affectionate and friendly with strangers, toddlers and other dogs. Otto has worked enthusiastically & successfully hunted, pointed & retrieved for three years on driven & walked up grouse, partridge & pheasant shoots.
He is not gunshot shy or even slightly afraid of fireworks.
Otto has been largely Raw Diet BARF reared on fresh unfrozen or cooked meat and fish.

Otto won a first in Post Graduate Viszla at South of England Gundog Show in May 2015 at age 13 months old. He then in the same day won Best of Breed and went through to Best in Show.

He won a 3rd at Newmarket in Post Graduate in June 2015.

Otto won Special Yearling and Best of Breed at Hampshire Gundog Club show in July 2015.

He came 3rd in Special Yearling at the HVC Championship Show in October 2015.

If he was not tail docked this would have meant he would qualify for Crufts. Due to the fact he is tail docked and he cannot attent Crufts currently we have decided not to continue to show him. If his offspring were undocked and KC registered and if they qualified, could compete at Crufts.

He passed his BVA eye test gaining a certificate for eyes clear of defects in October 2015.
He is tested clear of gonioscopy.
He is fertility & DNA inc ataxia tested.
He is clear of the long haired gene and pm.
Otto has a 0/0=0 elbow score and a hipscore of 4/5=9 meaning he does not have defective hips or elbows.
Otto has a superb (below the breed average of 5.3%) COI(inbreeding coefficient) of 1.3%.

Your bitch must be fit & healthy & aged between 2.5 to 6.5 years old. Her predicted COI with our stud dog should be below average. Please check if your bitches KC paperwork says that she is KC endorsed 'progeny not eligible for registration' & if so send her elbow/hipscore/eye test results to us & her breeder to check that they are willing to 'lift the endorsement' well before her season starts & well before contacting us to book a mating appointment.

We have had stud dogs of various breeds for 30 years and can offer AI(artificial insemination) -fresh or chilled. We offer frozen semen via international courier on all our stud dogs.

As members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme we must adhere to the Schemes high standards of animal welfare hence you will need to check you can for example afford an emergency caesarian should your bitch need one. Please before contacting us think carefully about the litter due dates clashing with holidays for example, & if you can cope with the time, energy and cost involved in breeding for example caring for a pregnant hormonal bitch during the 8-9 week pregnancy & while she is nursing, staying home for at least 8-12 weeks to look after a litter of puppies often with sleepless nights around the time of whelping,possibly feeding puppies round the clock if your bitch gets mastitis, taking the litter to your vet for microchipping, answering calls & vetting potential homes all of which can be extremely tiring but hugely rewarding.
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  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ft Am Ch Triads Dry Martini
    • Pitypang Koska
    • Int-Hun Sh & Gr-Svk Ch Sugar Baro of Gunfield
    • Zatko Volgyi Csipke
    • Am Ch Paradox Return of The King
    • Am Ch Usa Bound of Zsep Allat
    • Bih Ch Pitypang Oporto of Gunfield (Imp Hun)
    • Gunfields Bibic
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • N Ft Ch & A Ft Ch Fieldways Balck Daniels
    • Am Ft Ch & Am Ch Triads Xxlv Karat Oakleaf
    • Vadoca Kilraly
    • Int & Hun Deu Ch Pitypang Berta
    • Int Hun Hg Ch Koszegi Astor
    • Hj Ch Cikola Inyene
    • H Ch Gyimesi Tyski Bruno
    • Poszeki Lidi
    • Am Ch Paradox Final Answer
    • Am Ch Paradox What Else
    • Nz Ch Hubertus High Flyer
    • Nz Ch Hubertus Claim To Fame
    • Gyorujfalvi Gyuar
    • Int Ch Germ & Hun Ch Pitypang Berta
    • Sh Ch Nevedith Star of Nazereth
    • Hun & Lux Ch Csipkeskuti Vita