Miss White Marble

Owner : Hazel Simmons
Breed : Maltese
Birthdate : 14th October 2010

Miss White Marble (or Miley as we call her) was the first pet dog which we welcomed into our home on the last day of 2010. She had such a lovely personality and sweet nature that we eventually decided to get her a best friend a couple years later who ended up being our Daisy. The two were instant best friends have been inseparable every since. Miley's Great Great grandmother Sidancro Cat Ballou was an Irish Champion.


  • Parents
    • Pinehaven Happy Entertainer
    • Little White Gem
  • Grand Parents
    • Scarlets' Danny Boy
    • Mornavella White Shadow
    • Drial Over The Moon
    • Snowdrop Early Riser
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Clonmaggaden Miracle Boy
    • Scarlet O'Hara
    • Elmshorn Midnight Express
    • Mornavella Thistle Two
    • Lucky John Joe
    • Drial Snowdrops
    • Tiny Tim's Delight
    • Princess Poots
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Mornavella Spellbinder
    • Clonmaggaden Jumping Joy
    • Royal Treasure
    • Roscarl Sweetie
    • Sidancro April Showers
    • Candy Silvana Patrizia
    • Mornavella Boy Wonder
    • Mornavella Peach Blossum
    • Quantos Tutto Mia Caro
    • Sidancro Cat Ballou
    • Blueice Mystical Sundancer
    • Drial Lovely Libby
    • Willies Surprise
    • Drial Kates Charm
    • Eburacum Patrick Charms Of Doburgh
    • Chantilly Velvet