Estacostella Macie



photo by: Aaronby GSDs and Pugs

Owner : Aaronby German Shepherds and Pugs
Breed : Pug
Birthdate : 26th August 2012

Pascha is one of the latest additions to Aaronby GSD's.She is a very beautiful, cute, short, compact little pug with a beautiful smile. She is a typical pug, being very comical and extremely cuddly. She loves nothing more than to be snoring on my knee, and sleeping on my bed. She is very well bred, carrying well known names on her pedigree such as Marbleton, Afterglow and Claybridge to name a few.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Black Jack
    • Elrosa Princess Palmera
    • Afterglow Tonka Toy
    • Afterglow Bo Peep
    • Marbelton Tarquin At Corvina
    • Marbelton Liver Bird
    • Afterglow Humpty Dumpty
    • Celestial Gold
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Hendre Hero
    • Joy of Clydey
    • Elrosa Mystical Marcus at Trents
    • Elrosa Nimble Sandy
    • Marrinavale Toyboy of Stretchdown
    • Sasquehanna Ponyta
    • Afterglow Jabberwocky
    • Claybridge Twiggy
    • Marbelton Dust Buster
    • CH Marbelton Hello Dolly
    • Gio Do Gio Papillon
    • Marbelton Love Bird
    • Afterglow Jaberwocky
    • Claybridge Twiggey
    • Sharland Periwinkle
    • Marvellous Miss Marple