Javladare One Vision JW

Bruno - BPIS at LASER

Bruno - BPIS at LASER

photo by: MarvelRott

Bruno - Winning BPIB, WPG1 and Reserve BPIS

Bruno - Winning BPIB, WPG1 and Reserve BPIS

photo by: Javladare

Bruno - Winning BPD at BRA

Bruno - Winning BPD at BRA

photo by: Curtesy of Keith Robinson

Owner : MarvelRott
Breed : Rottweiler
Birthdate : 22nd December 2014

Javladare One Vision is co owned with our good friends Kay, Alix and Sophie Brawn (Javladare kennel) and is living here at MarvelRott with his litter sister. We look forward to watching him grow and his debut in the show ring!

Bruno likes nothing better than pootling around the big paddock at home and playing with his boomer ball in the long grass, he has an awesome laid back temperament, something we are extremely proud of, such a gentle soul!!

Bruno passes his Bronze after just 2 lessons, WTG clever boy!!

2016 Show Season Results:

- 1st Junior at Border Union under Breed Specialist Isabelle Nicol (Jacraila)
- 1st Yearling at British Rottweiler Assoc under Breed Specialist Gerard O'Shea (Just Ask)

2015 Show Results:

What a great six days we have had! Javladare One Vision made his debut at Blackpool Champ show on Sunday, only just turning 6 months earlier in the week, taking 1st Minor Puppy and Best Puppy Dog, then at Windsor Champ show repeated the success again taking 1st Minor Puppy and Best Puppy Dog. And at Ashington open show he took 1st Puppy, BPIB and then Won WPG 1! To say we are proud is an understatement, what a start!

- 1st Minor Puppy and Best Puppy Dog at BRA

- Bruno wins Best Puppy In Breed, WPG1 and Reserve Best Puppy in Show at York CA!

- 1st Minor Puppy and Puppy, Best Puppy, then went on to win WPG1 at SKC Aug 15

- Bruno 1st Special Yearling, Best Puppy In Breed and Reserve Best Puppy In Show at Nidderdale Agricultural show

- 1st Puppy, 1st Graduate, Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In Show at NOERC

- 1st Puppy, 1st Novice, Best Puppy Dog at SWRA

- 1st Puppy, 1st Novice, Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show at LASER

- 1st Puppy, Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy In Breed at Working & Pastoral Breeds Scotland

Bruno gains his Junior Warrant at just 10 months old!


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • (Jnr Ch) Uzi Flash Rouse
    • (Jnr Ch) Afrodita Anguinus
    • Aust. Ch. Gelderland Watasensation E.T Fantasa
    • Javladare Flaunt It JW
  • Great Grand Parents
    • (Youth Ch, World Vice Ch) Merlin Flash Rouse
    • (Youth Ch) Tika Flash Rouse
    • (Youth Ch) Dionys Od Dragicevica
    • Bluna Od Skupnjaka
    • Am/Can/Hung/Cze/Yug/Svk/Astn/Cro/Int. Ch. Gil Crni Lotos
    • Aust Ch. Gelderland No Compromise
    • Wildheart Rumours
    • Ch. Ravenrock She'S Wicked at Javladare J.W
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Gringo Vom GrüNtenblick
    • (Ch) Ramona Von Der Crossener Ranch
    • (World Youth Ch) Dack Flash Rouse
    • Cora Flash Rouse
    • (Youth Ch) Odo Od Dragicevica
    • Tomana Od Dragicevica
    • (Dt Vdh Ch) Fax Vom Tengen
    • (Ch) Fara Mumlek
    • Svk Ch. Beni
    • Bessy Von Haus Krammer
    • Am/Can Ch. Von Gailingens Matinee Idol
    • Aust. Ch. Gelderland Howsweetitis
    • Ch. Juffther Baggy Trousers J.W
    • Fernwood Pearl at Wildheart
    • Javladare True Blue J.W
    • Ravenrock Fizz