Leawyn Loriol from Casblaidd



photo by: Richard Hewison

Owner : Casblaidd
Breed : Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 5th July 2013
Colour : Black
Health Tested

Health Tests

Sparky (Leawyn Loriol from Casblaidd) is a super young dog with an illustrious pedigree.

He has been quietly introduced to game this last season 2014 - 2015, and is showing great promise. Works a good pattern, and is quiet fast and stylish, but also very biddable. A sweet dog to handle.

Is currently working in Novice Working Tests, with a view to trialling next season.

Current Clear eye test + gonioscopy
prcdPRA and FN Clear. Also AMS Clear


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • FTCh Timsgarry Simpson
    • FTCh Fernmoss Moonshine
    • FtCh Timsgarry Barlow
    • Timsgarry Victoria Of Leawyn
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ftch Maesydderwen Scimitar
    • Ftch Timsgarry Kelly
    • FtCh Roanlodge Treacle
    • Anahoe Flash Of Mailscot (FTAW)
    • FtCh Argyll Warrior
    • FtCh Timsgarry Kelly
    • FtCh Cadboll Zachary
    • FtCh Timsgarry Kelly
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ftch Larford Cateran
    • Ftch Wernffrwd Kathleen
    • Ftch Sandford Black Mamba
    • Kigaro Mag
    • FtCh Mallowdale Rackatear
    • Elan Linnet (FTAW)
    • FtCh Jade Of Livermere
    • Knockmany Muffin (FTAW)
    • Norleigh Clune Of Kingcott (FTAW)
    • FtCh Larford Elma
    • FtCh Sandford Black Mamba
    • Kigaro Mag
    • FtCh Wernffrwd Dai Bach
    • Kenue Zola (FTAW)
    • FtCh Sandford Black Mamba
    • Kigaro Mag