Bossy Boots At The Ball At Mumuland

Bossy Boots At The Ball At Mumuland

Bossy Boots At The Ball At Mumuland

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Bossy Boots At The Ball At Mumuland - 10 Weeks Old

Bossy Boots At The Ball At Mumuland - 10 Weeks Old

photo by:,uk

Owner : Mumuland
Breed : Boston Terrier
Birthdate : 6th May 2013
Health Tested

Health Tests

This is Peppa - she was born on the 6th May 2013. We did a stud with her Mother Lolly (Just Jemmima) and Stan in early 2012 and have always admired Lolly's temperament as she is so gentle and loving and she was one of those dogs that we didn;t want to give back to her breeder when she came for mating as she she just simply settled in with us as though she had always been part of our family. Therefore when we were told about Peppa (who is from Lolly's second litter with Ringablok Mr Froster) being returned to her breeder due to the families personal situation we were only to happy to have her join us in August 2014..

Peppa is just like her mother Lolly in both looks and temperament, she is so gentle and polite and she loves everyone she meets including other dogs, children and adults and is just so easy going and well behaved. Peppa loves to play, she is a real clown and always brings a smile to your face with whatever she is doing and is a real joy to own, everyone who meets her are enchanted by her gentle nature just as we were by Lolly in 2012 .

Although Peppa has very uneven markings on her face and almost completely lacks her dark hood over her left eye, her overall form and conformation is excellent put this together with her wonderful temperament, health and good breeding you have the whole package. We are confident we can improve on her markings by using Bolek, who has a long line of perfectly marked dogs behind him as well as a gentle temperament and excellent pedigree so we feel its a good match for Peppa. We are very excited about the prospect of having puppies due from this planned mating in March 2015.

Peppa has a good pedigree which includes some stunning examples of Boston Terrier's from traditional well known UK Kennels including Delaws, Vangence, Boscally and Karcasam. This along with her own conformation, health and excellent tempament is our reasons for including her in our breeding programme as we feel if we can improve on the markings without sacrificing any of the above good features then we really will of achieved something worthwhile with her.

Peppa has been Patella scored 0/0 and has been heart tested normal.

You can view more information about Peppa on our website -


  • Parents
    • Ringablok Mr Froster
    • Just Jemmima
  • Grand Parents
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