Mumuland's Tammy Wynette

Mumuland's Tammy Wynette

Mumuland's Tammy Wynette

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Mumuland's Tammy Wynette

Mumuland's Tammy Wynette

photo by:,uk

Owner : Mumuland
Breed : Boston Terrier
Birthdate : 25th May 2013
Health Tested

Health Tests

This is Tammy - She was the only pup in Beanz and Jeffery's litter born on the 25th May 2013 via C-Section. I took one look at her when the vet placed her in my hands to revive and I said to Rowan (who was with me in the C section as usual). "Well she would not be going anywhere"...Tammy was at the time she was born the best puppy we had ever bred. Tammy had everything from the desired correct breed standard markings including the full white collar, white chest and front legs to the typical dark symetrical tuxedo markings and symetirical double hood on her head. Her conformation as she grew simply got better and and better.

When Tammy was fully grown the quality of her breeding resulting from combining both Beanz and Jeffery's line simply shone through, as well as her wonderful symetrical markings she has a strong head like her Mother Beanz and good overall form, lovely movement and a nice temperament to match.

Tammy loves to play with balls and chew things, she always like to run around with our other girls and she to enjoys to plays "tag" or have a game of tuggy she is also very clever at "steeling" toys of off the others and runs away with it hoping they will chase her. She often plays quite ruff games (like most Bostons do) and can often be found rolling around on the grass with Bindy or Eva with each one of them trying to pin eachother on the floor. Tammy also likes to be curled up on the sofa but prefers one to one attention as far as human company goes because as far she is concerned there is no such word as share.. and she will do her best to push one of the others out of her way.

In simple terms Tammy is Bindy's half sister (because they share the same Mother) but because Bindy is from Beanz second litter, Tammy is also Bindys Auntie on her Sire's (Jeffery) side as Bindy is sired by Jeffery's son Bolek. So the two of them are very simlar in temperament but Bindy is more European looking than Tammy thanks to the influence of Bolek's lines.

Tammy was mated to Stan in August 2014 and self whelped a lovely litter of three pups (two boys and one girl) all who were worthy of the show ring but because we have kept Bindy and brought in Eva from Germany during 2014 we did not feel it to be the right time to keep another puppy.

You can find out more about Tammy on our website and also view photos of her pups.

Tammy is patella scored 0/0 and heart tested normal.


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