Blue Moon Kizzy From Mumuland

Blue Moon Kizzy From Mumuland

Blue Moon Kizzy From Mumuland

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Blue Moon Kizzy From Mumuland

Blue Moon Kizzy From Mumuland

photo by:,uk

Owner : Mumuland
Breed : Boston Terrier
Birthdate : 8th June 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • HC-HSF4 : Hereditary Clear - 8th June 2010

This is Demi - she was born on the 8th of June 2010 and she is Jeffery's half sister as they share the same sire - Deniro Causing A Commotion At Wenfryn. Demi is a small well formed but compact Boston girl who makes up for her size in charactor, she has a nice temperament as well as the typical breed standard tuxedo markings with full white collar. Her best feature other than her charactor and temperament is her head shape which is very square.

Demi was kept outside in a porch for over a year by her previous owner we were told due to their young baby potentially being allergic to her and them not wanting to part with her, however this was very unkind to Demi as it has caused anxiety to set in when she is left alone. We have come to realise she must have been badly neglected for some time before we were made aware of her in December 2013, as her ears were very sore and flopped down when we first had her and as well as having severely chapped ears, face, nose, feet and legs from being kept in cold environment, she was very underweight weighing just 4.3 KG. Paul did not think her ears would ever stand up again as they were so badly damaged and the only way to describe what her ears looked like was raw meat which has been ripped instead of cut. Demi was actually in a very sorry state both physically and metally from her ordeal and it makes us very sad to think about it as we can only begin to imagine how much pain she must have suffered and how cold, lonely and frightened she must have been during that time in her life. It never ceases to amaze us the cruelety that some animals have to endure and suffer at the hands of some cruel ignorant humans (who should never be aloud to own an animal in our opinion) but somehow they rarely lose the ability to respond to love and care.

Since owning Demi she has come on in leaps and bounds from both a physical and mental point of view and responded very quickly to love the affection we have constantly shown her. She now weighs 5.8KG and loves her food. In June 2014 she whelped four beautiful pups (although one pup did not survive) she was a good Mother and as we are very proud of her and all three pups and how they are have turned out. Demi is now so confident now, she can be described as bossy, she likes to be with someone 24/7 and hates being shut away especailly in a cage which causes her to panic as does being left on her own or outside. So she can usually be found curled up on the sofa or in Rowans room asleeep on the bed where she feels safe and secure. At night she sleeps in Rowans room with him either in or on his bed and she is happiest when we are all at home and all is calm.

We are hopeful Demi will have another successful litter in late 2015 or early 2016, it will be a repeat mating of the one we did in 2014 with Stan and we will be looking to keep a pup from this planned litter.

Demi is patella scored 0/0 and heart tested normal you can view more about Demi on our website - and also view images of her pups.


  • Parents
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