Lanebern Hows Tricks

Trixi 4 years old

Trixi 4 years old

photo by: Heather Rollo-Jones

Owner : Lilliegarden
Breed : St Bernard
11th October 2010 - 13th September 2015
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • Hip Score : 43/38 = 81 - 29th November 2012

Fondly known as the big dufus, Trixi is a bit dim!
She's very big for a bitch & has a very nice European/Continental pedigree.

Unfortunately Trix's BVA hipscore came back at 81 & she was spayed.

She spends her days woofing at the postman, chewing sticks & generally getting underfoot!

Sadly we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Trixi put to sleep after suffering cluster seizures


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
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    • Am Dutch Lux Pol Nor Ch Lasquites Dakota Von Iceman
    • Numebamsens Isabel
  • Great Grand Parents
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    • Opdyke'S Ladies Night Out
    • Am Ch Bruton Van Rijn
    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Hail Mary
    • Int, Am & Can Chs Ky Meadows The Iceman
    • Lasquite'S Bordeaux of Kooba
    • Int,Nuch,Such Dkch Am Ch Bernegarden'S Montgomery
    • Nuch Numebamsen'S Bombasa Nekinna
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    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Off The Deep End
    • Ch Opdyke'S Fat Out
    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Intoxicating
    • Pegasus Van Rijn
    • Bea Van Rijn
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    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Mary Worth
    • Am Ch Sky Meadows Renegade
    • Copper Mtn'S Magical Wishes
    • Am & Aust Ch Stoan'S Valiant Bart V Mica
    • Benbaron'S Kootenay O'Iceman
    • Int Uch Nuch Such Am Ch Bernegarden'S Valentin
    • Bernegarden'S Chardonnay
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