Ch Nixtev Kinetic Under Fouranfass

Breed : German Spitz Mittel
Birthdate : 8th August 2006


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Callapins King Of Winter At Oregons
    • Wyndlee Freida
    • Ch Rosechow Archimedes at Rossfort
    • Rossfort Allure
    • Canterway Cappucino
    • Wyndlee Kuseley The Bees Knees
    • Ch Runfold Northern Lights
    • Wyndlee Snow 'N' Ice From Runfold
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Asco Zum Waldsee (Imp)
    • Foxy Lady VT Wianca Hof (Imp)
    • Tordown The Golden Boy At Touvere
    • Wyndlee Penelope Pitstop at Sharaya
    • Ch Kuseley Cleverclogs JW
    • Wyndlee Tiger Lil At Kuseley
    • Ch Kuseley Cleverclogs JW
    • Canterwey Colleen at Rossfort
    • Rikarlo King Creole at Touvere
    • Wyndlee Bella Rosa at Romanmoor
    • Wyndlee Black Knight at Kuseley
    • Wyndlee Cream Silk at Romanmoor
    • Wyndlee Hey Jude at Rasnak
    • Wyndlee Irish Velvet at Kuseley
    • Callapins King of Winter
    • Wyndlee Freida