Viclaydell Muddy Maude Of Nebukadnezza



photo by: Fidanza Basset Hounds

Me & My Girl

Me & My Girl

photo by: Gemma Greef

Owner : Fidanza Basset Hounds
Breed : Basset Hound
12th June 2002 - 11th March 2016


The most amazing Basset .


So there I was, sitting in the office nice and quietly, having a cigarette whilst the tea was brewing.
Suddenly the air went very cold, and a white mist was swirling around my feet, when I heard the ghostly sound of pitter patter pitter patter of tiny feet and click click click of claws on the parquet flooring. Was this the phantom pee monster I wondered? My hands were shaking and a cold sweat of fear covered my brow.
I knew I would have to investigate, and steeled myself for the confrontation that would follow. Was this going to be the last few minutes I was to be on this earth? I had no garlic or crucifix with me, no gun with silver bullets. I hoped that the sharpened pencil I gripped in my right hand would be a substitute for a wooden stake.
Rising slowly from my chair, the adrenalin pumping through my veins, I slowly entered the hallway to be confronted by a pair of yellow eyes. It was indeed The Phantom Pee Monster. With steam rising and a smell I could not describe, it stood there looking at me, the only movement was its tail going from side to side. Realising the pencil was inadequate, I glanced into the kitchen and saw the mop and bucket. This was going to be my weapon of choice, so I leaped for the mop and attacked this monster, this being that had fouled and desecrated my home for weeks and weeks. Like a. swirling dervish the mop went this way and that, this way and that, removing all trace of the befoulment.

Palmer just looked at me and went back to bed.

Author.....Simon Town.

Copyright...Fidanza Basset Hounds.


  • Parents
    • Artfull Dudley
    • Viclaydell Mistress Mouse
  • Grand Parents
    • Garmichlay Academus
    • Queen Bee A Buzzing
    • Rocker Rock
    • Big In Love
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Champion Bassbar O' Sullivan
    • Barratini Dolly Daydream
    • Champion Barrenger Demon King
    • Mishnish Penny
    • Garmichlay Academus
    • Scorpion Girl
    • King Clemat
    • Dark Damsel (IKC)
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Champion White Gold Of Andyne
    • Champion O'Hara Van Hollandheim
    • Champion Maghefeld Defender Of Bassbarr
    • Barratini Antoinette From Andyne
    • Siouxline Reuben
    • Champion Barrenger Queens Indian
    • Champion Vinell Dapper Dandy
    • Molly Malone
    • Champion Bassbarr O'Sullivan
    • Barratini Dolly Daydream
    • Clydey Warrior
    • Chieftan Girl
    • Pamony Eclipse
    • Keness Susan
    • Beechview Bonanza Boy
    • Glueyard Eclaireuse