Highla Bag of Tricks

Owner : Highla
Breed : Standard Poodle
Birthdate : 24th February 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Tourchlight Attention To Detail at Piedmont
    • Ch Pamplona Tina Turner at Piedmont
    • Ch Magin Masterpiece for Kamarri
    • Ch Serekunda Trailbrazer for Kamarri
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Immortal Leapin Lizards
    • Am Ch Tourchlight Trustworthy
    • Ch Pamplona Cockney Rebel
    • Vanitonia Exquisite Performer at Pamplona
    • Ch Kamarris T'onyyan
    • Ch Pamplona Obsession to Magin
    • Am Ch Lake Cove of Course
    • Am Ch Serekunda Sarah's Choice
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Rhidges Dream Weaver
    • Immortal Leap of Logic
    • Am Ch La Marka Nomeolvides
    • Tourchlight Prim'N'Proper
    • Cygni Nighthawk
    • Ch Pamplona Something Special
    • Ch/Swech Racketeer Exquisit Sinner at Vanitonia
    • Ch Vanitonia Queens English
    • Ch Twin tops Conversation Piece
    • Kamarris Simply an Angel
    • Ch Harbovi's Heaven can wait for Vantonia
    • Pamplona Stash the Cash
    • AM Ch Lake - Cove Turn back time
    • Am Ch Lake - Cove just for the
    • Ch Kamarris T'onyyon
    • Serekunda Sarah Jane