Seehof Jestine

Jade pointing at 4 months.

Jade pointing at 4 months.

photo by: Cwmcarrog

Owner : Cwmcarrog
Breed : German Shorthaired Pointer
Birthdate : 7th March 2014

Seehof Jestine - pet name Jade - has a top German pedigree behind her full of German field trial champions. Both her parents have been trained through the German system passing a series of tests culminating in the top award of Kleemann Sieger. Jade has followed in her parents footsteps having spent twelve months between November 2014 and October 2015 being trained by one of Germany's most experienced DK handlers, Leo Karduck. She has successfully achieved D1,S1 and VGP1 and will be attempting to attain her KS title in September 2016.

Jade has a fantastic temperament, is extremely biddable and has a very soft mouth. She has an eye catching stylish manner when hunting and endless energy.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Quickstep Vom Hege-Haus
    • Otti Vom Thuringer Zipfel
    • KS Birkenwald Wasir
    • KS Seehof Argo
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ks Yves Vom Hege-Haus
    • Wildrose Vom Hege-Haus
    • Ks Jogurt Vom Hege-Haus
    • Ks Nova Vom Hege-Haus
    • KS Frei vom Vorstland
    • KS Birkenwald Rixa
    • Tobias vom Hege-Haus
    • KS Ella von der Madlage
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ks Diamant Vom Hege-Haus
    • Ks Glace Vom Hege-Haus
    • Ks Nougat Vom Hege-Haus
    • Ks Ori Vom Hege-Haus
    • Beau Vom Hege-Haus
    • Kreide Vom Hege-Haus
    • Dagobert Vom Hege-Haus
    • Ks Bellefleur Vom Hege-Haus
    • ES Oak vom Hege-Haus
    • KS Dana vom Vorstland
    • KS Nic vom Pottsiepen
    • VDH Ch Wallie vom Otterbach
    • KS Jogurt vom Hege-Haus
    • KS Emmily vom Hege-Haus
    • Pax von der Wenge
    • KS Bonny von der Madlage