Ir Ch Bulabos Just A Flirt (Ir Jnr CH CJW'14)

Chloe - Ir Ch Bulabos Just A Flirt Ir Jnr Ch CJW14

Chloe - Ir Ch Bulabos Just A Flirt Ir Jnr Ch CJW14

Owner : Bulabos Saint Bernards
Breed : St Bernard
Birthdate : 3rd November 2012

Chloe is an outstanding smooth female, the daughter of Opdyke's Minight Miracle CW'12 and Multi Ch Hemlock Van't Hof Ter Quinni. She is litter sister to our young male "Jack" Bulabos Jack Of Diamonds.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Opdyke'S The Morning After
    • Opdyke'S Football Moves
    • Gb N U Ch Nv-07 Chandlimore Hold Your Horses
    • Heimer'S Royal Ranch Bellevue
  • Great Grand Parents
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    • Opdyke'S Ladies Night Out
    • Am Ch Bruton Van Rijn
    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Hail Mary
    • Ch Bernegarden'S Journey at Snowfordhill
    • Chandlimore Dream Maker
    • Almshaus Just A Wise Guy
    • Heimer'S Web Page
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Fair Warning
    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Off The Deep End
    • Ch Opdyke'S Fat Out
    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Intoxicating
    • Pegasus Van Rijn
    • Bea Van Rijn
    • Sugar Mtn'S Cliffhanger
    • Am Ch Opdyke'S Mary Worth
    • Int Nordfinnl L Am U Ch Euv-96 Bernegarden'S Ragtime
    • N U Ch Opdyke'S Grace
    • Ch Snowshire Ritchies Rich with Chandlimore
    • Chandlimore Cine Star
    • Am Ch Almshaus Doubletake V Kalmar
    • Almshaus Elizabeth
    • N U Ch Almshaus Nordic Track
    • Heimer'S Napa Valley