Scotlass Andante For Beaconsfylde

Owner : Beaconsfylde
Breed : Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Birthdate : 7th April 2007
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • EF : Clear - 9th January 2014
  • CC/DE : Clear - 9th January 2014

Suzi was my first Blenheim and has always been a special girl.

She was the first dog I ever took to Crufts. She was my first dog to place at Crufts and she was the first of my dogs to gain a studbook number giving her lifetime qualification for Crufts!

She is heart & eye tested and is DNA tested Clear for CC/DE/EFS.

Now living in happy retirement (on my lap most of the time)!


  • Parents
    • Scotlass The Laird
    • Scotlass Pollyanna
  • Grand Parents
    • Clockpelters The Advocate Cum Carolus
    • Sweet Harlequin Of Scotlass
    • Astralea Gold Of Behabre
    • Scotlass Astrid
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Carolus The Aristocrat
    • Clockpelters Cornelia
    • Scotlass Moonlight Dreamer
    • Brasingamen Touch Of Gold
    • Linjato Ace Of Base
    • Astralea Victoria
    • Carolus Coronet
    • Scotlass Triple Orchid
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Carolus Cardinal
    • Carolus Royal Rhapsody
    • Darozel Arocanthus
    • Darozel Georgia At Clockpelters
    • The Jopnes Boy At Charlottetown
    • Bowfort High Stakes At Scotlass
    • Lymrey Royal Reflection At Ricksbuury
    • Geronsart Venetian Rose OF Brasingamen
    • Alberto Of Kindrum
    • Linjato Moonlight Shadow
    • Salador Cadfael
    • Jamesbonny Jane Of Astralea
    • Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze
    • Chasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus
    • Mareve Indiana
    • Bowfort High stakes Of Scotlass