Avonwolf Al Capone Keith

Owner : Avonwolf
Breed : Belgian Shepherd Malinois
Birthdate : 9th August 2014
Colour : Fawn
Health Tested

Health Tests

Keith is a dog we kept from our A-litter. We have big plans with him!

We are very pleased with him. He is a confident dog with a friendly nature. Standing his ground in every situation, he is showing good dominance. In training he has an extreme amount of drive to work and shows very good focus. His ball drive was immense at an early age. He is tracking with a deep, intense nose. In protection he is showing a fair amount of aggression towards the helper, his grips are full.
He has passed his BH so far, getting ready for his IPO1 now.

All together, for me, he is a dream dog. Training him is an absolute pleasure!


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Erec Von Der Schoenen Ecke
    • Kat Deluna Van De Berlex-Hoeve
    • Asaldo Brook
    • Eris De Tchurka La Noir
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Butsch Von Der Bösen Nachbarschaft
    • Trixi Von Der Schoenen Ecke
    • Nero Vom Haus Mecki
    • Douska Van De Berlex-Hoeve
    • El Alamain'S Don
    • Vongraf Linkage
    • Bosko Du Clos Des Grognards
    • Braska De Tchurka La Noire
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Cartouche Vom Roten Falken
    • Assi Von Den BöSen Buben
    • Brando Airport Hannover
    • Rebecca Von Der Schoenen Ecke
    • Carlo Vom Roten Milan
    • Dinga Vom Haus Mecki
    • A'Tim Nvbk
    • Assi Vom Unteren Niederrhein
    • Otis Du Clos Champcheny
    • Uranus Des Deux Pottois
    • Darkov From Marrax Place
    • Vongraf Jewels
    • Ramirez Des Deux Pottois
    • Uranie Des Deux Pottois
    • Malko
    • Vhenus Alsh