Mellowmood Bang Tidy at Muzzawood

Owner : Muzzawood Bulldogs
Breed : Bulldog
Birthdate : 12th December 2013

Mellowmood Bang Tidy at Muzzawood or Maggie as known to us is by the beautiful Ch Britishpride Sinatra and she has some amazing lines running through her pedigree.She is currently out showing at the moment going BIS at the northern Bulldog club at only 7 months and qualifying for crufts at the welsh kennel club champ show at her 1st champ show.She will be capaigned at crufts in 2015.


  • Parents
    • CH Britishpride Sinatrra
    • Telfatoon Angel of the North
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Britishpride Louis Vuitton
    • Britishpride Mui Mui
    • Glyndee Gentleman Jim
    • Britishpride Juicy Couture
    • Ocobo Golden Icon Mysyyle
    • Robobull Echo
    • Mellowmood Full Monty
    • Mellowmood Me Julie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Britishpride Lacoste
    • Britishpride Juicy Couture
    • Showbull Jerico (SHCM)
    • Britishpride Valentine
    • Britishpride Teddy Bear
    • Glyndee Miss Chicago
    • Showbull Jerico (SHCM)
    • Britishpride Valentine
    • CH IT CH Mystyle Golden Wonder
    • Ocobo Rosemarie
    • Dewrie Superman
    • robobull Pippi Longsox
    • Iceglint i'm Edward
    • Nightranger Ice Ice Baby for Mellowmood
    • Mellowmood Boyakasha for Melafella
    • Sealaville Lovely Jubbley ay Mellowmood