Vonnyisle Life of Riley

Owner : Vonnyisle
Breed : Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Birthdate : 21st June 2013
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • EF : Clear - 28th February 2014
  • CC/DE : Clear - 28th February 2014

Riley is currently being shown at Championship show level and has qualified for Crufts 2015. He is first and foremost my pet and is a really gentle little boy who loves his cuddles! He has continued to do well this year, winning his classes at both Bournemouth Champ show and at Richmond Champ show.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Tameline Northern Dancer (Jw)
    • Ch Brittania of Pascavale
    • Loranka'S Dreamed A Dream
    • Chantismere Charon Loranka
    • Ch Lanola Santana of Maibee
    • Maibee Disenchanted
    • Am Ch Khatibi Eamon High (Jw) (Shcm)
    • Kilvea Sweet Pea at Arroline
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Keyingham Lochlann
    • Tameline Balanchine
    • Pascavale Spencer
    • Woodstock Crystal Spring of Pascavale
    • Peakdowns Fasanation
    • Loranka'S Dream A Dream
    • Keyingham Christian
    • Loranka'S Tempting Moments at Chantismere
    • Maibee Montrose
    • Ch Lanola Salsa(Jw) (Shcm)
    • Ch Pascavale Enchanted
    • Ch Maibee Delicious
    • Tasset Tiger Woods
    • Khatibi Boadicea
    • Sleepyhollow Overture
    • Alansmere Antirrhinum