Vuchi Bella Hillove Teaprincess (IMP LVA)

Owner : Vita Dzineja
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Birthdate : 12th April 2011

Bella is imported to United Kingdom from Latvia, she is very calm and loving dog, who is with best temperament and patience.
Was very easy to train her, she is smart and very keen to do some exercise.
She is very good with kids and other dogs around her.
She have all necessary checks. Eyes are Unaffected, Hip 00 and Elbow AA score.


  • Parents
    • LV EE Ch Hilberts Grey Love
    • Gilbron Pride Nuri-Tea Princess
  • Grand Parents
    • EST LV LTU BALT BLR Ch Loresho Love Mail
    • Svetes Greja Fergus
    • Ballyhenry Say No Say Yes CIB&LV Ch, BALTW'04
    • Stormley Anaka (LV LT EE BALT BY Jr Ch)
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Mailiksen Gentleman (FIW'03)
    • Loresho Get On
    • LV LT EST BALT BLR Ch Stormley Furgus
    • Svetes Aira Stanley
    • Stormley Craftsman At Ludzska
    • Ballyhenry Make Believe
    • Stormley Karlos
    • Stormley Haley
  • Great Great Grand Parents