Eminence Hopes And Dreams At Ourfairview (IKC)

Dolly aged 1

Dolly aged 1

photo by: cheri moore

Breed : St Bernard
Birthdate : 11th September 2011
Health Tested

Health Tests

Dolly came to us as a very loud puppy!!! infact we have never had such a chatty puppy, shes a very pretty girl and we are very pleased with her, dolly spends her days chewing bones, the older the better , along side her best pal drama .

Dollys dad is the amazing MULTI CH Bernegardens true confessions .


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Berengarden'S Yogi Bear
    • Carpediem Van'T Hof Ten Eynder
    • CH Courmayeur'S No Mercy
    • CH Ambra Van'T Hof Ter Quinni
    • Multi Ch Titanerna Atlas
    • Multi Ch Bernegarden'S Zirocco
    • Multi Ch Euclides Van'T Hof Ten Eynder
    • Toffe Loffe'S Quarrel
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Multi Ch Bernegarden'S Montgomery
    • Tucker'S Treasure V Bergarden
    • Am Ch Cache Retreat Academy Host
    • Multi Ch Xanadou Van'T Hof Ter Eynder
    • Muti Ch Bernegarden'S Ragtime
    • Such Courmayeur'S Kisses On The Wind
    • Multi Ch Bernegarden'S Ragtime
    • Bega Van'T Hof Ter Quinni
    • Ch Farm of Charm'S Forrester
    • Bernegarden'S Faworita
    • Multi Ch Bernegarden'S Montgomery
    • Ch Stoan'S Fatima of Firth
    • N S Uch Bernegarden'S Yogi Bear
    • Carpediem Van'T Hof Ten Eynder
    • N Uch Courmayeur'S No Mercy
    • N S Uch Ambra Van'T Hof Ter Quinni