Summer Snowfall

Owner : Gayle Spencer
Breed : Bichon Frise
Birthdate : 26th September 2011

Holly is the gorgeous daughter of our own Dizzy. she has a lovely friendly nature, and gets on with everybody and everything. she loves to play with the other dogs.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ligray Blankety Blank
    • Ligray Martini Biancon
    • Judamie Prince Royal
    • Judamie Baby Puits
    • Ligray The Full Monty
    • Casarows Special Effects at Natella
    • Paruvian White Chief
    • Royal Prodigy
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ligray Smarty Pants at Ricanna
    • Ligray Jubilee
    • Treona Classic Reaction
    • Ligray Miss America
    • Loonie Roonie at Judamie
    • Judamie Lady
    • Judamie Christmas Surprize
    • Judamie Baby Bop
    • Ligray Tazmanian Devil
    • White Tiger Princess
    • Ch Hylacer Class Act
    • Casarows Cast A Sugar
    • Justitia Pause N Pose
    • Ice Girl
    • Twelvesrow White Lord
    • Snowy Meadows