Daserbe Viva La Diva

Breeder : Daserbe Giant Schnauzers
Breed : Giant Schnauzer
Birthdate : 14th February 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Diva is a daughter of our French Import "Kaiser and our German import"Rieja"- In her we have the combination of continental bloodlines from two well known kennels abroad


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Sp Ch Greco De Pichera
    • Fr & Lux Ch Slaone De L'Ecurie De Syltemps
    • Ambros Von Der Talmuhle
    • Germ Ch Xanadu Von Der Talmuhle
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sp Ch Eos De Pichera
    • Cora De Pichera
    • Fr & Ned Ch Scapmans Over The Top
    • Fr Ch Nov-Lee De L'Ecurie De Syltemps
    • Rus Ch Gently Born O'Key Lell
    • Germ Ch Waika Von Der Talmuhle
    • Dreamer De Lordships
    • Pinta Von Der Talmuhle
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Uhlan De Pichera
    • Sp CH Peggy De PIchera
    • Stablemasters Zorba
    • Rascal De Pichera
    • Vancouver V.D. Frankenfurt
    • Fakta's Doris
    • Int & Germ Ch Verro V. Kuchenhorn
    • Fr Ch Habby Jolie de L'Ecurie De Syltemps
    • Tango De Lordships
    • Rus Ch Gloris Alisa
    • Scapmans Vikset
    • Pinta Von Der Talmuhle
    • Am Ch Lennox-Lewis De Lordships
    • Tequila De Lordships
    • Germ Ch Scoltan Van De Koekshove
    • Germ Ch Daika Von Der Talmuhle