Luggybrook Sherry for Rhoswyn

Owner : Rhoswyn
Breed : Miniature Schnauzer
Birthdate : 20th January 2011

Daisy - Luggybrook Sherry for Rhoswyn.
Multiple Best Puppy/Bestin Show and group placings.
Foundation bitch for my lines and one of the best dogs in the world.


  • Parents
    • Mistarima's Ranulph Fiennes at Luggybrook
    • Luggybrook Calico Silver
  • Grand Parents
    • John Smith Agent of Dolina Rivendell
    • Deansgate Tempting Morsel with Mistarima
    • Silver Spy at Trefaldwyn
    • Miss Mona Lott at Luggybrook
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Dar Walentego
    • Cytadela Gwiazd Princessa Of Dolina Rivendell
    • Repitition's Kiss This (IMP USA)
    • Wintasett Sheila Tempt Deansgate
    • Jaymitch Poivre Avec Sel
    • Pretty Pepper Girl
    • Bradmin Mr Higgins
    • Belle Delight
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Blythewood The Buck Stops Here
    • Evita Essentia
    • A'aragorn Grand Hajan
    • Danica Hajan
    • Awesome's Shazam I Am
    • Repitition's Good Witch
    • Deansgate Clever Trevor
    • Dale's Cheeky Chick
    • Awesome's In The Mood With Risepark (IMP USA)
    • Jaymitch Peterjen Of Frome
    • Childgait Treasured Diamond
    • Christiville Magic Molly
    • Wynnstay Youll Be Lukey
    • Kristal Breeze
    • Hallowquest Ethe
    • Pepper Crest