Katelands Caisteal A'Torr

Ollie, Katelands Caisteal A'Torr

Ollie, Katelands Caisteal A'Torr

photo by: Sue Adams

Jack, dad, Lola, mother, and their son Ollie

Jack, dad, Lola, mother, and their son Ollie

photo by: Sue Adams



photo by: Sue Adams

Owner : Katelands
Breed : German Shorthaired Pointer
Birthdate : 3rd March 2013
Colour : Liver & White
Health Tested

Health Tests

Health Tests

Hip Score : 3/2 = 5 - 15th April 2014


Ollie has several very bred bitches with good hip-scores
Give me a ring re using this outstanding gsp at stud
Ollie's dad is our own Show Champion Isara Kurzhaar Innkeeper at Katelands ShCM (Jack), who has just sired the Dog Challenge Certificate and became the sire of the Best of Breed at Crufts 2017.


Katelands Caisteal A'Torr, or Ollie as he is known at home, is a very well bred versatile gsp with a fantastic temperament.

He sires consistently large litters who have turned out into puppies who inherit this fantastic bloodline of good looks and temerament.

Ollie has been BVA Hip Scored:- Result 2-3 =5...well below the breed average.

The puppies from all of his previous litters have been chunky, adhere to the breed standard, and are healthy puppies, who have either just gone to pet homes for fun, or are used for rough shooting or working on beats during the shooting season.

They all inherit Ollie's good looks and excellent temperment.

His father Jack, my own Show Champion Isara Kurzhaar Innkeeper at Katelands, has passed on his ability to produce fantastic puppies in Ollie.

For good and well bred puppies please give me a call, and as we have over 24 years experience showing, judging, working and breeding these fantastic HPR dogs and always give all my help to those that are involved with my dogs.

We haven't shown Ollie as yet, but he willl start to b shown in the new year along side his new son Paul whom we have kept from his litter out of our bitch Katelands Back in Black in 2016.

I am now more involved in the working gundog side of owning a gsp, although Ollie will do us proud in the show ring. Ollie was introduced to the shoot that we are on at the end of the season (2013), and took all the noise and excitement in his stride, being totally gunshot proof, eager to please and responding well to commands and directions.

He is used as both a beating and picking up dog, working well with the other dogs and retrieving game unmarked. He is a strong swimmer.

Having said that he comes home each evening and sits on the floor on my daughter's lap in the living room.

Ollie has sired puppies of exceptional quality, including the pup Katelands Cullin Sound (Diesel), whom we kept last year. He was retrieving partridge on our shoots at 8 months of age, and has his father Ollie's and grandfather Jack's fantastic temperament.

I am always available to help re vetting homes, whelping, training the puppies to help get the best homes and give any advice I can.

We are also Kennel Club Assured Breeders, which means that we adhere to the guidelines laid down by the kennel club, in relation to any litters that we may have, but also that our stud dogs are health checked and conform to KC guidelines.

Please look at my website for pictures of Ollie and his puppies from previous litters.

I have kept a puppy from his last litter, so it shows I do believe he has the constitution to pass on his excellent blood line and temperament.

Katelands Cosmic Encounter -Paul, is just 16 weeks old, and already is a bold dog, who likes to pick up any object, as we live next door to a clay shoot, is un bothered by gun noise, and is a friendly outgoing chap, who has been around children and other people and loves ring craft.

We are going to show him, From ollies' last 3 litters there are going to be 4 puppies in the show ring, which will be exciting to see how they do.

I also have a waiting list of people who want puppies sired by him.

WWW. katelands-germanshorthairedpointers.co.uk


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Gerguy Spica
    • Sh Ch Stormridge Misty Midnight
    • Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Bootlegger Hip Score 6-3=9.
    • Isara Kurzhaar Onthegame
    • Sh Ch Heathermark Insignia
    • Waldecke Astrid of Eshaldwell
    • K.S.Ch. Nic Vom Pottsiepen
    • V.D.H.Ch. Wallie Vom Otterbach (Import)
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Viper
    • Kritzman Alexis
    • Sh Ch Inchmarlo Montanna
    • Sh Ch Stormridge Misty Morning
    • Ch Inchmarlo Ragot Mai
    • Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Orgie
    • Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Ladykiller
    • Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Orgie
    • Uddens Igor (Swedish Import)
    • Heathermark Diamante of Brackensby
    • Hatz Vom Pottsiepen (German Import)
    • Friuli Gay From Birkenwald
    • K.S. & E.S. Ch. Ilex Vom Pottsiepen
    • K.S. Ch. Loni Vom Pottsiepen
    • K.S.Ch. Xorro Von Der Hansaburg
    • K.S.Ch. Pillie Vom Otterbach