Bluestyles Miss Dior

Bluestyle Miss Dior

Bluestyle Miss Dior

photo by: Mactawbay

Bluestyle Miss Dior

Bluestyle Miss Dior

photo by: Mactawbay bostons

Owner : Mactawbay Bostons and French Bulldogs
Breed : Boston Terrier
Birthdate : 28th April 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • HC-HSF4 : Hereditary Clear - 28th April 2010

I decided I would like a Boston a few years earlier but Mark was never that keen - I continued to look covertly
Having found Maggie's litter advertised and after talking to the Breeder I paid a deposit
Mark was still unaware until I broke the news on the week we were due to collect her - Mark was not impressed
On arrival I met the Dam & Sire while Mark parked our car - I knew instantly Mark would just love them as they
behave just like a boxer!
When Mark walked in the Mum & Dad jumped all over him and he was smitten for life - my worries were over
We met Maggie and she was adorable, on the way home she sat in the front of the car on a cushion between the
front seats - this was the beginning of 'Mactawbay Bostons' and she has proved to be the most loving and adorable girl
not only as a family pet but also in the whelping box

Maggie has some amazing skills and funny traits - we just adore her


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