Stellamaris Aidens Girl

Owner : Aidenslabs
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Birthdate : 18th January 2011
Health Tested

Health Tests

Isla was bred by us and reared in the home. She has had many show wins but above all else has a superb gentle nature and has made a wonderful mother. Fully health and DNA tested.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Grovehurst Inland Revenue
    • Calypso of Lucifers Delight (Imp Bel)
    • Kenex Rowntree
    • Minuette Briscine
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Marquis of Llanstephan
    • Zoe Gay Lady at Grovehurst
    • Xanyan of Lucifers Delight
    • Annabelle of Lucifers Delight
    • Jimjoy Tempo
    • Coco Brown Bear
    • Allegretto Jim
    • Hercwood Lois
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Charway Blackthorn of Follytower
    • Lancroft Sea Breeze
    • Fetching Caramel Musketeer
    • Quarrington Quickstep
    • Fci Int Ned Bel Ch Veyatie Proper Charlie
    • Sunshine of Lucifers Delight
    • You Will Never Forget Pegasus
    • Unia of Lucifers Delight
    • Lejie Good News of Jimjoy
    • Jimjoy Hot Toddy
    • Cadbury Brown Bear
    • Briwnant Brown Elk
    • Bargod Bedwyr
    • Charlotte Christabel
    • Glenafton Ayres of Bonnybrigg
    • Buttony Choc of Priston