Jasam's Something Hot N Cold

Owner : James & Imelda Wade
Breed : Japanese Spitz
Birthdate : 20th March 2012


  • Parents
    • Nu ch Tamilan Xtra Unique Echo Boy
    • Nu ch Jasam's Just A Flower Of Harry
  • Grand Parents
    • Chezzeys Echo Of Eros
    • Fin Est S Lt Ch Tamilan Unique Princess
    • Int Nord Dk U ch Jasams Interesting Silver Boy
    • Noidens Wilma The Winner For Jasam
  • Great Grand Parents
    • N U ch Freddygardens Ice White Envy
    • S U CH S ACH S A(HOPP) CH Enfloy’z La’diva Name of The Game
    • Int Fin Est Ch Donorei Fryon
    • Int Fin Est Ch Tamilan Only One
    • Int Fin Ch S Aust NZ Silverbow Storm Boy
    • Nord U ch NordV-98 -00 NV-00Kullhagas Beautiful Queen
    • Fin U ch Fuji San Ukyo Katayama
    • S U ch Noidens Hana
  • Great Great Grand Parents