Ffoscelyn Graphite Diamond



photo by: Lin Herridge

Owner : Ffoscelyn
Breed : Standard Poodle
Birthdate : 18th November 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Maddy was bred by us she is a great girl, lovely with children and of course she is very intelligent. Never takes all the sandwiches off the plate, leaving you wondering if she did actually steal one!


  • Parents
    • Dougal Poogal
    • Trafari Showgirl At Ffoscelyn
  • Grand Parents
    • Dawnsmaple Sun Ray
    • Myall Living The High Life
    • Ch am ch Afterglow Jamaica Me Crazy
    • Somanic Summer Snowflake
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Saragossa. Tropical Sunrise
    • Abidosa Geb
    • Highla Mister Brown
    • Myall High Spirits
    • Labamba Leroy
    • Ch Magin Don't Eat The Dasies At Afterglow
    • Ch Namkia Designed In Black
    • Tiopepi Dream On Somanic
  • Great Great Grand Parents