mcridgeness spring



Owner : calasha
Breed : Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 14th September 2010

maize is our first working cocker and has given us so much pleasure in training to flush and retrieve she is such a great swimmer as well, she is up for what ever is asked of her, and because she is so happy doing her job it makes us so delighted to own her she is a laugh a minute.


  • Parents
    • Wernffwd Coron (FTW)
    • florries topknot of mcgidge
  • Grand Parents
    • maesydderwern scimitar
    • wernffrwd blodwen
    • brynmills bracken
    • parkbeck mc dwyer
  • Great Grand Parents
    • larford cateran
    • wernffrwd kathleen
    • wernffrwd da ibach
    • quarryford fly
    • ft ch mallowdale rackatear
    • mallowdale effie of brynmills
    • parkbeck millan
    • crafty millie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • ft ch maesydderwen kestrel
    • ft ch wernffrwn ammwyl
    • ft ch maesydderwen kestrel
    • ft ch wernffrwd silk
    • ft ch maesydderwen kestrel
    • ft ch wernffrwd silk
    • troublrsome sam of maesydderwen
    • jazz moods
    • ft ch wernffrwd siarl
    • whinpark chissie of square close
    • ft ch dolgarreg aron
    • bellsmill babs
    • ft ch jasper of parkbeck
    • jenoren valleta
    • ft ch parkbeck jack
    • ft ch rynebanks jess