Doddridge Amir

Doddridge Amir BPIB,BPIG,BOB winner

Doddridge Amir BPIB,BPIG,BOB winner

photo by: dewerstone photography

Owner : Doddridge
Breed : Whippet
Birthdate : 8th October 2012
Colour : Blue Brindle White Trim

Billy has been lightly shown at open show level and has done remarkably well by winning BPIB,BPIG,BOB on a number of occasions at less than 1yr of age.
He has a wonderful gentle nature and personality.

He is so much like his Uncle Charles
(Doddridge Delft)as we try to breed for quality,temperament and type.
We are so proud of Billy,s achievements on the few occassions he has been show as he has never been out the cards.