Tarnedge Sandy



Owner : Tarnedge
Breed : Labrador Retriever
2nd July 1996 - 17th July 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Sadly, Simba (Tarnedge Sandy) has now passed away at the age of fourteen. He was very much loved and is sadly missed. He was an extremely talented working dog with an excellent pedigree and a lovely nature. He was honest, reliable and very loyal.

He left us with a legacy of amazing dogs - two of his daughters; Rival Lady of Tarnedge and Tarnedge Mudlark; five of his grandaughters; Tarnedge Tilia, Tarnedge Phoebe, Tarnedge Strike Oil, Tarnedge Venice and Tarnedge Vega; his great-grandsons, Tarnedge Chieftain and Tarnedge Firth, his great-granddaughters, Tarnedge Carolina and Tarnedge Mae; his great-great-granddaughters, Tarnedge Busy Bee, Toulston Tudor of Tarnedge, Tarnedge Gemini and Tarnedge Dark Horse; and his great-great-great-grandson, Tarnedge Frankel!

You may be gone Simba, but your line goes on.


He will be a hard act to follow.


  • Parents
    • F.T.CH Aughacasta Sam of Drakeshead
    • Aisgill Pippit
  • Grand Parents
    • Ballyellery Adder
    • Irish F.T Ch Killerisk Hero
    • F.T Ch Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
    • Jay of Oakmeadow
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Raybank Asp
    • Bellmont Orchid
    • Ciarogh Dubh
    • Seanbaile Sherry
    • F.T Ch Brenjon Dirk of Dreakshead
    • Haretor Emma
    • F.T Ch Pocklington Glen
    • Winning Chance
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • F.T Ch Swinbrook Tan
    • Hazel of Raybank
    • F.T.Ch Derryboy Daniel
    • Benlee Lore
    • F.T. Ch Pocklington Glen
    • F.T. Ch Drakshead Wisp
    • Seanbaile Nelson
    • Seanbaile Dawn
    • F.T.Ch Spudtamsons Berry of Mirstan
    • F.T. Ch Drakshead Thorne
    • F.T. Ch Swift of Swinbrook
    • Haretor Smiler
    • F.T. Ch Swinbrook Tan
    • F.T. Ch Sandringham Magpie
    • F.T Ch Drakeshead Tinker
    • Shady Lady of Bontyke