Moricroft Maxi Vita At Celanarin

Owner : Celanarin
Breed : Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
Birthdate : 24th July 2009
Colour : Russet Gold
Health Tested

Health Tests

Lopez is a wonderful dog to both work and live with.
He has sired litters which have all shown great potential in both the world of work and showing. We also own previous progeny which we encourage you to meet. Stud contract available to view at request.
References also available
Hip Score 6 - 6


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Borzasi Bator
    • Hun Ch Zoldmali Alma
    • Kenmillone Chimbota
    • Moricroft Mia Farrow
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Fci Int Hun Ch Abafia Hires Hunor Munkavizsga
    • Koppany Ansca
    • Hun &Germ Ch Gyarmat-Erdei Duhaj
    • Fci Int Hun Slo Ch Csovarberki Devaj
    • Abafia Lux at Castlefield
    • Lanspar Citromfru
    • Bodohegyi Zsarnok
    • Moricroft Mahjong
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Abafia Bator
    • Bodohegyl Kocos
    • Borostyanko Marci Asa
    • Bodohegyi Dama
    • Germ Ch Kocsi-Bator Alex
    • Kunsapataki Aranyos
    • Fci Int & Hung Ch Gibarmenti Cimbi
    • Germ Ch Bodohegyi Mano
    • Keszegerparti-Drotos Ali
    • Abafia Bizsu
    • Quodians Zanthos
    • Lanspar Pletyka
    • Bodohegyi Hires Munkavizsga
    • Bodoheghi Fruska
    • Borostyanko Marci
    • Shannamaya Piroshka