Harogebulls Lovely Lordes



Owner : Phieros
Breed : Bulldog
Birthdate : 8th June 2012

Lola was born on the 8th June 2012. She is up to date with her vaccinations and she is treated for fleas and worms regularly.

She is a lovely family dog and lives with four other dogs. She has been raised with cats, dogs and children.

Lola is a lazy but fun loving animal and she loves to meet new people. She can be very protective over her pack and her family but really is a sweet dog. Lola is red and white and has beautiful markings. She is one of the members of our family that we love dearly and she is our pride and joy.

Lola is used for breeding also and she is a very good mum. She gets very involved with her puppies and loves them very much.

Lola is gorgeous and I hope you agree.


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