Kirkbridgend Rock Star

Ellie working sheep

Ellie working sheep

photo by: Christopher Peacock

Ellie a week before her 1st birthday

Ellie a week before her 1st birthday

photo by: Alan V Walker

Ellie competing in agility February 2016

Ellie competing in agility February 2016

photo by: Gemsdale Photography

Owner : Kirkbridgend
Breed : Border Collie
Birthdate : 21st July 2013
Health Tested

Health Tests

Black and white bitch standing at 476mm. Elektra, or Ellie, is from our first litter of home bred Border Collies and the first litter to have the Kirkbridgend Kennel Name. We bred her to both show and compete at agility and chose a stud dog that should improve on her dam in both aspects. We also do some sheep work with her.

Ellie is an active, sociable and out going girl. She is also very loving, spending a lot of time cuddled up to us on the sofa. She is incredibly enthusiastic at everything she does and really enjoys her training.

Ellie did really well during her first 6 months in the show ring as a puppy with 1 RBOB, 5 BPIB, 6 Crufts Qualifications and 2 Border Collie Puppy Of The Year qualifications. At 18 months she won her first BOB at an open show and at 19 months she was placed at Crufts 2015 against older dogs under a breed specialist judge. Since Crufts 2015 she has qualified for Crufts 2016 twice at the few Champ shows she has attended and won a few more classes at open shows ending 2015 with a RBOB at an open show under a breed specialist. 2016 started with a BOB and a RBOB under an all rounder and a breed specialist. We are not planning on doing much showing with her in 2016 but after attending only 2 Champ shows since Crufts 2016 she has still managed to qualify for Crufts 2017 which we plan for her to attend. Due to having a litter in June we are not expecting to show her again in 2016 while she regains her coat and condition. We hope to have her back in the ring from Boston 2017.

We started Ellie's agility career over winter 2015/2016 at a UKA and some unaffiliated agility shows where we could do some of her runs NFC. Ellie did us proud winning 3 steeplechases at her first UKA show and gaining many top 3 places in jumping and agility as well as steeplechases at the unaffiliated shows she did. She came on so quickly and well becoming consistent enough that even with NFC runs she managed to be the runner up (behind her mother) of her section (C1-3) in the 5 part Kelluki Winter Series tournament. She sadly missed what should have been the start of her KC agility career in spring 2016 due to coming into season before Easter in March and having a litter in June. As she was such an amazing, text book mother, she regained fitness fast and was desperate to work, so we did a few KC agility shows with her from the end of September. At her 2nd G2 show she won the C1-2 jumping, was 2nd in the G2 jumping and 2nd in the G2 agility behind her mother who won them both to G3. At her first G3 show she got a 6th in the G3 jumping and at her 2nd G3 show she won the G3 jumping!! I am really looking forward to competing her regularly although I will be concentrating on showing until her pups are a year old. Please see my website for her full list of competition results

Ellie is also showing potential for sheep work and her training was progressing nicely although we are taking a break from it for a while.

Ellie has gained her Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards.

We are thrilled that Ellie has now passed all her health tests with great results. She has been tested for all the required tests for a Border Collie and nearly all of the extras currently available as well. She had her first litter in June 2016 and was a text book perfect mother, loving the whole experience. As we kept two pups ourselves from her litter and don't have room for any more dogs, plus she really loves to work and compete, we are not planning on breeding from her again ourselves.

Ellie's critique from Portsmouth and Southsea KA open show on 8 February 2015 where she won Yearling and BOB under judge Richard C Kinsey:
Y 1 Bridges' Kirkbridgend Rock Star, young 18 month old bitch. Nothing overdone or untoward with this girl she is just compact & balanced all round. Moderate in forehand, straight legs and tight feet. Well let down in chest and sprung in rib. Firm in top line thanks to her strong hindquarters. Not shown in her best jacket on the day. Steady on the move with correct head carriage.

Ellie's critique from the junior stakes variety class at Horsham DCS Open show on 4 December 2014 under judge Margaret Bunce:
– J 1 Bridges’ Border Collie, Kirkbridgend Rock Star, a delightful youngster who knew her stuff. Never put a foot wrong. Head was of correct proportions with well developed nostrils. Ample length of neck fitting well into laid back shoulders. Carrying just the right amount of weight giving a desired athletic appearance overall. Precise free flowing movement was a joy to watch;

Ellie's critique written by breed specialist Jo Ratciffe for her 3rd Puppy Bitch at BCC of Wales Champ show 20 July 2014 the day before her first birthday:
"3rd – Kirkbridgend Rock Star. Nearly 12 months bitch, who still has a way to go in maturity to fulfill her promise. Body proportions are correctly balanced, with sufficient balanced angles front & rear. Carries her topline well on the move, with a particularly correct side profile gait. Needs time & muscle to hopefully mature & improve in front & rear action. Coat was presented well, and well handled to get the very best from her. Lovely long, well set & carried tail."