Owner : ANNEXE
Breed : Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
Birthdate : 20th July 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Enher is a pleasure to live with a superb temperament, loves my Grandchildren, a treasured member of the family, she has become a great shoot dog and is worked on a HPR shoot in Sussex and other shoots in the area.

She lives with a bunch of GSPs which is a breed that we have had for 20 years and we also have 2 family cats

All our dogs live in the house as family pets and are also worked regularly on local shoots


  • Parents
    • Zoldmali Szimat
    • Truth 'n' Tradition at Starshot
  • Grand Parents
    • H. CH. Zolmali Huba
    • Zoldmali Akac
    • Cikolia Kalasz
    • Ragnolds Midsomer Magic at starshot
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Mezofoldi Kajtato Nomad
    • Bessy Danubius at Falcongreen (Imp Hun)
    • Ch Gyarmat Erdei Duhaj
    • Int Ch Csovarberki Devaj
    • Szigeti Vadaskerti Bence
    • Szolga Hegyi Asa
    • Quodian's Zanthos (Imp)
    • Quodian's Csinos (Imp)
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Gyarmat Erdei Duhaj
    • Mezofoldi Kajtato Cserfes
    • Ch & Int Ch Betyar Z Malookocskej Svk
    • Furdohazi Gabci
    • Kocsi Bator Alex
    • Kunsapataki Aranyos
    • Int Ch Gibarmenti Cimbi
    • Ger. Ch Bodohegyi Mano
    • Int Ch Borostyanko Zsarnok
    • Borzasi Lidi
    • Abafia Dukat
    • Horvathligeti Jessi
    • Sabo Tobi
    • Quodian's Omara
    • Furdohazi Athos
    • Princerdi Rizlingharcos Aliz