Chinese Whispers on Jupiter by Yuanpei

Dam Ellie

Dam Ellie

photo by: Tayside Sharpei

Owner : Allanaquoich
Breed : Shar Pei
4th September 2011 - 2nd August 2014

This is our Ellie, a blue flower.

Ellie was our beautiful girl after a very short illness Ellie lost her life in 2014.

This little girl is well and truly missed and we will never forget the joy she brought us very day.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Chimache Smart Choice for Chinaskys
    • Wrinklespei Ice Gem Fame Eta
    • Tomikee Kabuki
    • Sheeva's Tiger Lily
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Wai Kuotes Blue Wizard of Oz for Chimache (Imp Ned)
    • Sharamka Tempest for Chimanche
    • Peandokry Fire and Ice
    • Kleshya White Mischief
    • Wrinkled Eyes My Treasure (IMP BRA)
    • Skyota Loves Tomikee
    • Tysons Son
    • Rits's Little Ninja
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Epic'S Rhapsody In Blue
    • Lucky One'S Brown Sugar
    • Blossom Baileys and Cream (Imp Usa)
    • Sharamka China Doll
    • Epic'S Touch of Frost (Imp Bel)
    • Honey Potts by Peandokry
    • Fairytails The Lilac Legend at Peandokry (Imp Usa)
    • Peandokry Forget Me Not at Kleshya
    • Quellesieger Eddie Murphy
    • Milka Wong of Wrinkled eyes
    • AM CH P-Lou's Designer Genes at Skyota (IMP USA)
    • Chrenyi Chizh Persofona (IMP RUS)
    • Onapei Warm And Tender
    • Spice Girl
    • Lord Soy
    • Kenmillen Tiger Lily