Owner : Gaberlunzie
Breed : English Springer Spaniel
Birthdate : 3rd June 2011

Lovely, lively very friendly little bitch. Meg is Liver/White and on the way to making a great member of my working team.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Linakars Legend of Marstonmill
    • Ft Ch Steadroc Seranade
    • Ir & Int Ft Ch Hattonswood Broc
    • Gaberlunzie Kara
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Int Ft Ch Laganmill Maestro
    • Gwibernant Matrous
    • Ft Ch Clarburgh Art
    • Chilview Ann of Steadroc
    • Int Ft Ch Millshadow Aster
    • Ft Ch Merlinsbrook Evita
    • Nutnibs Norman
    • Tawnyhill Bella
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ft Ch Jenoren Boss
    • Barmag Bradie
    • Windmillwood Waffle of Cressett
    • Aelfryn Fly
    • Ft Ch Kenine Robb of Rytex
    • Ft Ch Sunnybrae Siskin
    • Ft Ch Jenoren Boss
    • Dans Beau of Chilview
    • Ft Ch Kenine Robb of Rytex
    • Int Ft Ch Philips Girl
    • Ir Ft Ch Badgercourt Warlord
    • Merlinsbrook Vinca
    • Int Ft Ch Laganmill Maestro
    • Parkbreck Mcfille
    • Housty Eternal of Tawnyhill
    • Tawnyhill Flanna