Robscraig Jewel in the Crown

Joolz doing some training in the garden with me

Joolz doing some training in the garden with me

photo by: Smallcombe

Owner : Robscraig
Breed : Golden Retriever
Birthdate : 30th April 2004
Health Tested

Health Tests

Joolz is from a litter of 10 puppies all tested clear for MRD

Joolz is a delight to live with she is very gentle but also very playful and just loves romping around in the garden.
Joolz was mated to Robscraig Group Captain and produced two puppies born by C.section on 11th March 2008. one weighed 8ozs an the other 1lb 6ozs, The bigger puppy now called Abbey lives with a family in a nearby villagethe smaller puppy is called Jennifer and she stayed, hopefully pictures will soon be on the web site. Jennifer is just as naughtly as her mother was in finding mischief to get up to, but also has the laid back temperament of her father. Joolz has been show lightly in 2010 at her first show of the year 2011 she gained her Stud Book Number which qualifies her for Crufts for life. Joolz has had a great year so far in Veteran she took Reserve at Crufts 2012 and has had two 2nd places at Southern Counties Champ Show and Windsor Champ Show


  • Parents
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