Stormacre Mr Mulder

Breed : Curly Coated Retriever
19th May 2003 - 14th July 2014


  • Parents
    • SU CH Cornerstones Take A Chance On Me At Kelsmere
    • Larachel Millers Daughter
  • Grand Parents
    • INT,D,NL,VDH,LUX,DK CH JWW98 W98 BDSg99 Caballus Inferno
    • Cornerstones Toffee Delight
    • SH CH Oakleigh Oberon At Kelsmere
    • Darelyn Gommersal Genny
  • Great Grand Parents
    • NORD95 SV96 INTUCH FINU CH SU98 Caballus Fair Dinkum
    • Oaks Wild Song
    • NUCH SU CH NV96 Uveds Gooseberry
    • Kelsmere Linnet
    • SH CH Lahabra Conqueror
    • Patience Red
    • SH CH Gladrags Jack The Lad
    • Gladrags Fascination At Darelyn
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Darelyn Double Dutch
    • SV94 INTUCH SUCH NORDU CH Caballus Out For A Blaze
    • HOLLCH LUXCH TYSKCH VDH CH Cornish Marksman
    • Oaks Rhapsody
    • SU CH Uveds Onion
    • SUCH NUCH INTUCH SV CH Uveds Blazeaway Sweet Melon
    • Rambling Red AT NIghtsun
    • Corritani At Kelsmere
    • CH Hawthorn Ranger Of Brenal
    • Littlewickers Nightnurse
    • Angolcroft Artful Sir
    • Brenal Ebonywood
    • Gladrags Emperor
    • CH Gladrags Celebrity
    • CH Darelyn Rifleman
    • Gladrags Blinkin' Eck