Breed : Miniature Schnauzer
Birthdate : 25th November 2011


  • Parents
    • Mantricks Talking Point at Starbound
    • Starbound Just For You From Dreamstars
  • Grand Parents
    • Mantricks Rumour Has It CH
    • Xante Drama Qeen At Mantricks CH
    • Risepark Just Jackson
    • Dreamstar's Miss Tified CH
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Zakmayo Wizzard Of Awes CH
    • Mantricks Hot Gossip
    • Hideki Who's That Guy With Risepark CH
    • Xante Claire As A Bell
    • Risepark First Encounter
    • Risepark Just Pretty
    • Risepark Double Billing
    • Bygadsir Miss Tilly's Under Dreamstars
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Awesome's In The Mood with Risepark CH
    • Zakmayo Designer Chic
    • Risepark Fancied Favourite CH
    • Madoba Private Dancer
    • Awesome's in the Mood with Risepark CH
    • Hideki Who's That Girl
    • Risepark Fancied Favourite CH
    • Xante Pick a Lily
    • Adamis Frontrunner CH
    • Risepark All Time High
    • Awesome's in the Mood CH
    • Risepark Quite The Favourite CH
    • Risepark Striking Fella CH
    • Risepark All In Favour
    • Hideki Who's That Guy With Risepark CH
    • Bydgasir Britney Cheers