Fortuna Gold Star Pajurio Bures Delightbull (IMP)



photo by: Delightbull

Owner : Delightbull
Breed : Griffon Bruxellois
Birthdate : 18th December 2012

Young Greta awaiting to start her show carear here in the uk, she is very excitable girl with the perfect red rough coat, she grooms with ease and has a face to melt the heart.
she will be health tested once she becomes the correct age to do so.


  • Parents
    • LTU CH Amaretto Diksilendas
    • LTU CH Avantiura Gold Star Pajurio Bures
  • Grand Parents
    • INT CH Leo Belgicus Wellingtons
    • INT CH Nirvana Diksilendas
    • INT CH Dinamit Gold Star Pajurio Bures
    • LTU CH Eseniya Lyubimaya Evropa Plus
  • Great Grand Parents
    • INT CH Leo Belgicus Paso-Doble
    • Leo Belgicus The Face
    • INT CH Leo Belgicus Takes Two To Tango
    • LTU CH Marsela Ot Nevskogo Hobbita
    • INT CH Bertik Golden Boy
    • LTU CH Viktoria Dlja Nevskogo Hobbita
    • RUS CH Novy Russkiy Iz Mitkov Ekateriny
    • INT CH Aderans Evropa Plus
  • Great Great Grand Parents