Globalridge Star Of India

Owner : Globalridge
Breed : Rhodesian Ridgeback
Birthdate : 23rd December 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Bella is the daughter of Saffy born from her one and only litter. Bella displays many characteristics of her Mum, and is a joy to live with. She loves everyone she meets, is extremely athletic and is as quick as lightening. Bella is a wonderful asset to our kennel


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ndege Shaka of Eilack (Imp Ken) Ch
    • Nyuki Golden Fizz
    • Zack of The Moor
    • Batonka Leonie
    • Ch Ndege Shaka of Eilack (Imp)
    • Nyuki Golden Fizz
    • Zejak Zami
    • Zejak Matizo
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sarula Enzana O Mvita
    • Ndege Lulu
    • Zack of The Moor
    • Kalkiri Kumani
    • Springbok Simba
    • Yasmin Ysatis Zingaro
    • Rejan Bamuthi
    • Precious Stone of Batonka
    • Sarula Enzana of Mvitnd
    • Ndege Lulu
    • Zack of The Moor
    • Kalkiri Kumani
    • Rejan Zoah Zejak
    • Zejak Buzz
    • Zejak Ini M'Bwa
    • Zejak Uta