Autumnwillow Holly

Owner : Annsfarm
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Birthdate : 28th November 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Eider is a strong black bitch who I hope to trial in the 2013/2014 season. She has lots of drive and is very fast. A scopey dog who will take time to mature


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ft Ch Craighorn Bracken
    • Ropehall Dove of Brackenbird
    • Ft Ch Levenghyl Peacock
    • Fyynongain Silk of Rimrock
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ft Chaughacasla Sam of Drakeshead
    • Ft Ch Lochmuir Bonnie
    • Ft Ch Flashmount Socrates
    • Ropehall Dee
    • Ft Ch Strad Benis
    • Ft Ch Glenpatrick Eve
    • Ft Ch Bryn Dylan
    • Tradrew Dairy Cream of Fyynongain
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ballyellery Adder
    • Ir Ft Ch Killerisk Hero
    • Ft Ch Pocklea Remus
    • Ft Ch Lochmuir Lady
    • Flashmount Danny
    • Zephyr Wisker of Flashmount
    • Ft Ch Erindore Smak
    • Ft Ch Garendon Cassie of Ropehall
    • Ft Ch Tasco Dancing Brave of Willowyck
    • Mathde Gem
    • Ft Ch Garendon Captain
    • Ft Ch Glenpatrick Halo
    • Ft Ch Windwood Shot
    • Bren-Ap Reno
    • Tradrew Searcher
    • Kentee Ebony Lucy of Tradrew