Lucky Vom Holtvogt (IMP DEU)

Lucky age 6 months

Lucky age 6 months

photo by: Maria Lemmermohle

Age 17 months

Age 17 months

photo by: Cwmcarrog

Owner : Cwmcarrog
Breed : German Shorthaired Pointer
Birthdate : 5th December 2011
Health Tested

Health Tests

I bought Lucky as a replacement for the very sad loss of Birkenwald Fanta. She has a strong working pedigree behind her with many German 'KS' titles in her lineage.

A few weeks before bringing Lux to the UK she attained two awards - a first prize Derby award which demonstrated her natural working ability as a young dog and also a 'Vorzuglich' which is an 'Excellent' grade for her conformation which is quite an achievement for a dog her age.

Lux is a very elegant type and is still full of fun. However, she demonstrates an excellent turn of pace and a good nose. She regularly tracks rabbit and hare scent and is showing excellent signs of becoming a good retriever but there is still a long way to go....


  • Parents
    • Plato Ks Vom Niemen
    • Diva Vom Holtvogt
  • Grand Parents
    • KS Ungaro Vom Hege-Haus
    • Quelle Vom Dinkelhof
    • KS Rocky Von Neuarenberg
    • Tessa Von Neuarenberg
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ingolf Vom Hege-Haus
    • KS Emmily Vom Hege-Haus
    • KS Graf Vom Niemen
    • Almi Vom Flamenland
    • Quent Vom Wittenkind
    • KS Aline Vom Schwarzen Adler
    • KS Zatopec Vom Hege-Haus
    • Lori Von Neuarenberg
  • Great Great Grand Parents