kazariastar's mystic melody at jessiebeths



photo by: karen coombs

Owner : jessiebeths
Breed : Pomeranian
Birthdate : 22nd February 2013

this our new girl milly.she had a very very good pedigree.she is a stunning wolf sable.like all my other dogs she is kennel club reg and fully vaccinated.


  • Parents
    • mariajon's lord of the rings
    • preswylfa sealed with a kiss
  • Grand Parents
    • altina's spirit of apollo at mariajon
    • p j's return at mariajon
    • bilijees best mate
    • jandaz little hammy
  • Great Grand Parents
    • ch altinas apollo (jw) (shcm)
    • altinas special delivery
    • dashing denzil from mariajon
    • marie's teddy girl by mariajon
    • ch bilijees welsh wizzard
    • bilijees special edition
    • elrosa tobais
    • elrosa sundance star
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • veltuds apollo at altina
    • veltuds clinique at altina
    • veltuds brilliant star at altina
    • altina careless whispa
    • vernil me fred the fickle
    • kevdon look who's here
    • veltuds teddy boy at altina
    • jemima jane at mariajon
    • tookeyes welsh gold
    • bilijees haisy daisy
    • ch bilijees welsh wizzard
    • brybett catriona
    • megatoy's total eclyps at letscar
    • elrosa princess ruth
    • bowlou charlie
    • elrosa charming rula