Time Will Tell Molosse de Pacotille (Imp Fra)

Owner : ragemma pugs
Breed : Pug
3rd May 2002 - 29th May 2009

Toost came in on the Pet Passport scheme. He has sired some lovely puppies. Sadly he passed away today but his progeny lives on. Rest in peace little man.


  • Parents
    • Ch. Sasquehanna Sergio
    • Ch. Noemie Del Sol Lleban
  • Grand Parents
    • Int. Ch. Sheffield Shennandoah
    • Sasquehanna Stella
    • Gedeon Marquis de Cheng Peng
    • Iphigenie Del Sol Lleban
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am. Ch. Sheffield Crimson Pirate
    • Brookwoods Afternoon Tea
    • Am Ch. Sheffield Red Siskin
    • Pol. Ch. Sasquehanna Begina
    • Fr. Ch. Cupiden Del Sol Lleban
    • Capuchine Princess de Cheng Peng
    • Wisselwood Taylor Dane
    • Kaparkummun Black Karelian Maid
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am. Ch. Sheffield Jersey Bounce
    • Am. Ch. Sheffield Champaynge Wishes
    • Am. Ch. Sheffield Dandy Dickens
    • Stone hill Puck of Dayspring
    • Am. Ch. Sheffield Crimson Pirate
    • Am. Ch. Sheffield Fire Opal
    • Int. Ch. Sheffield One O'clock Jump
    • Int. Ch. Asol Chin Aug
    • Int. Ch. Pugnus Nero
    • Angelique Del Sol Lleban
    • Fr. Ch. Flocktons Duke
    • Aurore Del Sol Lleban
    • Am. Ch. Wisselwood Gemini Dream
    • Am. Ch. Wisselwood Hot Fudge Cake
    • Kuparikummun Black Heartbreaker
    • Kuparkummun Black Mercedes