Bochilbarley November Sea

Owner : Bochilbarley
Breed : Flat Coated Retriever
20th November 2007 - 29th October 2013
Colour : Black
Health Tested

Health Tests

She gained her stud book number in November 2011 and holds a 'Bronze' Kennel Club Good Citizens Award. Izzy is a gentle soul very willing to please.


  • Parents
    • Polgara Rising Star
    • Hopevalley Morning Surprise
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch.Branchalwood Stroan
    • Branchalwood Drumfern
    • Loch Na Keal of Glen Sheallag at Branchalwood
    • Cleovine Cressida
    • Sh.Ch. Shiredale Magic and Mystery
    • Ch. Shargleam Legend of Benvellyn
    • Waverton Toby Ale of Varingo
    • Ch Braemist River Dusk
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Shargleam Blackcap
    • Sh.Ch. Palnure Pride of Branchalwood
    • Pendlewych Penguin
    • Branchalwood Penwhirn
    • Ch. Branchalwood Lochdubb
    • Timberlands Arleen
    • Fossdyke Illustrious
    • Ch. Shargleam Wood Sorrel
    • Ch. Shargleam Kestrel
    • Ch. Wizardwood Black Magic of Shiredale
    • Ch. Cleovine Derryane
    • Ch. Shargleam Sedge Warbler
    • Ch Brown Keston of Varingo
    • Ch Waverton Madeira
    • Ch Shargleam Black Thorn
    • Sh Ch Braemist Dusky Queen